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Puget Sound Energy: Green Power Grant

Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Grant is a program that provides funding to non-profit organizations for renewable energy projects in Western Washington State. The grants are designed to support projects that increase the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, and promote sustainable energy practices. The program has historically offered grants up to $100,000, and funding is awarded based on a competitive application process. The goal of the program is to help organizations reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy system.

To apply for Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Grant, non-profit organizations must first review the eligibility requirements and ensure that their proposed project aligns with the program's objectives. Our team offers low cost ROM Feasibility studies to determine project eligibility for the PSE Green Power Grant along with other potential grants, financing, or funding opportunities throughout Washington State.

Once eligibility is confirmed, the organization must complete and submit an online application, which includes details about the proposed project overview, budget, timeline, and expected outcomes. Cascadia Renewables specializes in providing all necessary project deliverables to ensure a quick turnaround and strong grant application.

Once submitted, the application is then evaluated based on criteria such as project feasibility, impact, and alignment with program goals. Selected organizations will be invited to present their project to a review panel, and final funding decisions will be made based on the results of the review process. It is important to note that the application period for the Green Power Grant typically opens in the spring and closes in the summer, so interested organizations should be sure to check the program website for specific deadlines and application details.

Interested in learning more about the Green Power Grant or other avenues to fund your solar/storage project?

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- Markus and Callum


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