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Accelerating an equitable clean energy transition in the Pacific Northwest

Engineers on Solar Roof
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We combine our decades of industry experience and technical expertise to develop, finance, and deliver decarbonization portfolios for public, tribal, and private entities. Our team has led regional policy initiatives focused on ensuring equality, transparency, and affordability at the nexus of the clean energy transition.

By working together, your team will have access to our deep market knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the art application engineering to ensure the most robust, long-term solutions.


EXPERTISE: Decades of experience in system design and construction with extensive industry knowledge, and broad professional networks.

INTEGRITY: Driven by personal and professional accountability and transparency, we strive to ensure an equitable regional energy transition.

INNOVATION: Leveraging our professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of policy and funding mechanisms to advance market innovation and clean energy deployment.

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Cascadia Renewables brings a blend of solar, storage, and policy insight with decades of combined experience in the clean energy industry. Installing solar & storage is in our DNA. We’ve built thousands of residential, commercial and industrial systems and cut our teeth on the front lines of the clean energy transition. 

The pace of technological progress has left the traditional development and procurement process outdated and ill prepared. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) there is an unprecedented opportunity in the commercial and public sector to develop resilient, low cost, and meaningful clean energy projects. However, without a lean, streamlined development process rooted in the community and drawing from installation experience, there is a risk that we will miss our last best chance at an equitable energy transition.

Cascadia Renewables was built with the intention of serving installers and protecting public dollars. We bring the relevant policy and industry expertise to provide top tier consultation, RFP development, system design, contractor selection, and construction compliance/consulting services.​

Image by Andres Siimon

Our Team.

Cascadia Renewables champions a collaborative work environment where every team member is empowered to lead, innovate, and collaborate freely. We focus on nurturing curiosity, creativity and diverse problem-solving approaches, essential for tackling the complex challenges inherent in the clean energy transition.

Cascadia Renewables has provided an amazing service for First Congregational Church of Bellingham by producing a very thorough Feasibility Study for a grant we are applying for from WA State Dept of Commerce. Their level of expertise and knowledge in all things solar and storage batteries was incredible. They were always available to answer our questions and guide us through a complicated process. We met on site numerous times to completely understand the electrical and physical attributes of our facility. I would highly recommend them for all your consulting and and feasibility study needs concerning solar and battery storage.

Scott Dawson, Trustee 
First Congregational Church of Bellingham

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