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Portfolio Development

We will work with your team to understand your goals, assess site by site feasibility, and chart the most cost effective strategy from project development, procurement, and long-term operational performance. 

Electrical Engineer

Our Process

The six steps to designing and implementing renewables energy solutions across your properties.

Image by Iewek Gnos

Determine the scope of work, cost-effectiveness and best approach to implementation of renewable resources.

Solar Panels

4. RFP Development

Work with your team to develop an RFP that is current, accurate, and competitive.

2. Portfolio Analysis

Develop an implementation strategy to leverage all available resources for rapid decarbonization across your property portfolio.

Construction Managers

5. Construction Oversight

Streamline contractor selection and oversight throughout the project development, construction, and warranty period.

Credit Card

3. Project Finance

Support in qualification and application for relevant grants, financing opportunities, and incentives.

Solar Panels Technician

6. Quality Assurance

Commission systems to ensure that everything is working as intended and meeting production expectations.

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