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Microgrid Vs Solar + Storage: What’s the difference?!

A microgrid and a solar plus storage project are both types of decentralized energy systems that can operate independently from the main utility grid. However, there are some key differences between the two:

  • A microgrid is a self-contained energy system that can generate, store, and distribute electricity to a specific geographic area, such as a neighborhood, campus, or military base. It can include multiple sources of energy, such as solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generators, batteries etc, and can also be connected to the main utility grid for backup or to export excess energy. The main goal of a microgrid is to increase reliability, resiliency, and energy independence, especially in areas prone to power outages, natural disasters, or remote locations.

Image Source: RE+
  • A solar plus storage project typically refers to a combination of solar panels and batteries that are installed at a specific site, such as a home, business, or utility-scale solar farm. The solar panels generate electricity from the sun, which can be used on-site or exported to the grid. The batteries store excess solar energy during the day and discharge it at night or during peak demand periods, when electricity prices are higher. The main goal of a solar plus storage project is to reduce electricity bills, increase renewable energy use, and decrease carbon emissions, especially in areas with high electricity costs or renewable energy targets.

Image Source: Western Solar Inc

In summary, while both microgrids and solar plus storage projects involve generating and storing electricity, a microgrid is a more comprehensive energy system that can serve a larger area and include multiple energy sources, while a solar plus storage project is more focused on using solar energy and batteries to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions at a specific site.

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- Markus and Callum


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