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Our Mission

Accelerating an equitable clean energy transition in the Pacific Northwest

Engineers on Solar Roof
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We combine our decades of industry experience and technical expertise to develop, finance, and deliver decarbonization portfolios for public, tribal, and private entities. Our team has led regional policy initiatives focused on ensuring equality, transparency, and affordability at the nexus of the clean energy transition.

By working together your team will have access to our deep market knowledge, most cutting edge technologies, and state of the art application engineering to ensure the most robust long term solutions.


EXPERTISE: Decades of experience in system design and construction with extensive industry knowledge, and broad professional networks.

INTEGRITY: Driven by personal and professional accountability and transparency, we strive to ensure an equitable regional energy transition.

INNOVATION: Leveraging our professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of policy and funding mechanisms to advance market innovation and clean energy policy.

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