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Meet the Executive Team



Managing Partner

Markus first joined the solar industry in 2010 and spent 12 years progressing from photovoltaic technician, electrical apprentice, project manager, sales/design consultant, and eventually Director of Sales and Business Development of a well respected regional installer.

In 2014 Markus began volunteering for the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association (WASEIA) which led to his nomination to the board of directors in 2016 and presidency of the organization in 2020. WASEIA continues to achieve key policy victories enabling sustained growth of the solar/storage industry in Washington State.

Markus brings a unique blend of technical expertise, policy insight, and broad industry knowledge to Cascadia Renewables and its clients. Markus is passionate about fostering a balanced, fair, and affordable access to renewable energy.

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Managing Partner

Callum started in solar in 2015 in the UK, and has worked for residential, commercial and industrial installers and developers on both sides of the pond. In that time, Callum has been responsible for assessing, designing and communicating thousands of solar projects for customers across the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. 

Over the last five years, Callum has specialized in grant funded, governmental and public bid projects, working closely with local tribes, nonprofits and municipalities to develop their solar portfolios. 

Callum is deeply committed to a rapid energy transition and brings an earnest, thoughtful approach to assessing clients' needs and articulating solutions to their problems. Callum brings transparency, accountability and creativity to his professional endeavors, and enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping his colleagues in their own professional development.

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